The castle of Calcione has been in existence since the Xth century.
The earliest records of Calcione are in a document of the State Archives in Siena, which mentions a contract (or some other transaction) drawn up in 984  “in castrum Calcionis”.


As early as the XIth century, the rule and jurisdiction over the castle of Calcione lay with the monks of the Order of St. Eugenius of Siena.
In the XIIIth century, the castle and domain of Calcione were bought by the Tolomei family of Siena. In 1381, Diego Tolomei gave the castle to the Republic of Florence. From the end of the XVth century the castle of Calcione became an important Florentine military outpost heading toward Siena.

To this day the borders of the present property follow exactly the ancient boundaries between the two Tuscan states, in addition to marking the line between the provinces of Siena and Arezzo. After Florence conquered Siena in 1555, Calcione lost its military function and, converted to farming and forestry, it became the feudal seat of the Lotteringhi della Stufa family. Ferdinando de’ Medici, grand duke of Tuscany bestowed the title of Marquisate in 1632.

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